5km Time Trial

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Assess your current fitness level with this fast and flat time trial workout. It’s going to hurt, but you can do it!

Warm Up

  • 5 minutes slow-paced jogging
  • 3 Sets of Strides
    • Run 75m (approximate) at a fast pace (about 80% of your sprint speed)
    • Jog back slowly. THIS EQUALS 1 SET
  • Rest for 3 minutes


Main Workout (5km Time Trial)

  • Run continuously for a total distance of 5km at as fast a pace as you can maintain throughout the run


Cool Down

  • 5 minutes slow-paced jogging


Workout Notes

  • This workout should be done on a flat route.
  • Try to maintain an even pace throughout the time trial (don’t start too fast, nor too slow).
  • You should be breathing hard by the halfway point and you should be very uncomfortable by the end, feeling like you could not have run another metre!
  • Any time trial is a ‘test’; give it 100% and use it as a chance to benchmark your current fitness level.  Good luck!


Download PDF Here

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