Following one of our structured plans, written by Jeff Ross.

Training Plans

Add structure to your training with our easy-to-follow Plans by Head Coach Jeff Ross. We send your training each week for you to follow, so it’s not overwhelming.

Need More Information?

We’ll send you an overview of your Training Plan at the start, so that you can view the overall structure, then we’ll drip-feed the training content to you on a weekly basis for maximum engagement!

The training includes a mix of Speed work, Strength work, Easy Runs and Long Runs (21km and 42km Plans only). You’ll get video tips from Coach Jeff and you can also ask his advice on a fortnightly basis during the Online Q&A sessions (‘Ask Coach’).

Having the correct structure within your training is critical for success and it will help you to improve your fitness, speed and endurance. We do the planning, you do the running!

A default start date will be given when you purchase the plan, but you can change this by notifying us if you wish to start the plan on a later date. Each training week starts on a Monday and ends on a Sunday. We will send your training by email every Thursday for the new week ahead.

The Training Plans are written to accommodate all ability levels, and work with exertion level rather than specific pace ranges or heart rate zones. The Speed workouts have 4 ability levels to choose from (Beginner, Easy, Medium, Hard). This will be clearly communicated in all of the Training Plan instructions.

The Training Plans are designed to be followed at your own schedule, unsupervised. You will have access to Coach Jeff in the fortnightly Q&A sessions, where you can ask any questions that you have about your running and training.

Coach Jeff will lead a fortnightly online Q&A session (‘Ask Coach’) where you will have the opportunity to ask any questions that you have about your running and training. These sessions are only for our Training Plan customers. We will keep you updated about the Q&A schedules throughout your training.

You will still receive your weekly training by email each week for the duration of the Training Plan, but you can pause your training and continue when ready again at your convenience.

Those seeking additional supervision can consider our Personal Coaching service.