1-5 Fartlek

Fast running with walking recovery, using a pyramid of increasing interval periods (1-5 minutes). A great workout for running form, speed, endurance and mental resilience.

Warm Up

  • 5 minutes slow-paced jogging
  • 3 Sets of Strides
    • Run 75m (approximate) at a fast pace (about 80% of your sprint speed)
    • Jog back slowly. THIS EQUALS 1 SET
  • Rest for 3 minutes


Main Workout (1-5 Fartlek)

  • Run at a fast pace for 1 minute
  • Walk for 60 seconds
  • Run at a fast pace for 2 minutes
  • Walk for 60 seconds
  • Run at a fast pace for 3 minutes
  • Walk for 60 seconds
  • Run at a fast pace for 4 minutes
  • Walk for 60 seconds
  • REPEAT continuously for a total of either 14/14/19/28 minutes


Cool Down

  • 5 minutes slow-paced jogging


Workout Notes

  • This workout should ideally be done on a flat route, but some incline is ok (just it will be harder!)
  • Your fast-paced running should feel like approximately 80% of your maximum sprinting speed. 
  • You should be out of breath by the end of each segment of fast-paced running.  If you are not breathing hard, then you are not pushing hard enough!
  • The period of walking is your recovery time, which allows your heart rate to lower so that you can push hard again on the next fast-paced segment.  Don’t be tempted to go faster than walking during this recovery period.


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