This is how long it takes your body to fall out of shape when you stop exercising

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(The Conversation)Getting in shape isn’t easy. But after all that hard work, how long do we actually maintain it? Turns out that even the great effort we put into training, taking a bit of time off can mean that we become “unfit” much faster than it took us to actually get in shape.

To understand how the body becomes “unfit,” we first need to understand how we become fit. The key to becoming fitter — whether that’s improving cardiovascular fitness or muscular strength — is to exceed “habitual load.” This means doing more than our body is used to. The stress that this has on our body makes us adapt and become more tolerant, leading to higher fitness levels.
The time it takes to get fit depends on a number of factors, including fitness levels, age, how hard you work and even environment. But some studies do indicate that even just six sessions of interval training can lead to increases in maximal oxygen uptake (V02 max) — a measure of overall fitness — and improve how efficiently our body is able to fuel itself using the sugar stored in our cells during exercise.
For strength training, some gains in muscle force can be shown in as little as two weeks, but changes in muscle size won’t be seen until around 8 to 12 weeks.

Cardiovascular fitness

When we stop training, how quickly we lose fitness also depends on many factors — including the type of fitness we’re talking about (such as strength or cardiovascular fitness).

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