Starting Your Running Journey

Running is a great habit to get into, both mentally and physically, and does not need to be a difficult thing to start if you aren’t a runner already. Here’s some handy tips from us to help you get going the right way so you never want to stop.

1. Buy new shoes

It is imperative that you start your new activity with the right equipment because wearing a random pair of old shoes from your cupboard could result in a very early injury. Investing in a pair of shoes is exactly that – you are investing in something that will bring long term benefit to your life – and it should also be psychologically motivating for you to lace up those stylish new kicks (although comfort should always take priority)! Knowing that you’ve made a financial investment in your brand-new sports shoes should also be a good incentive for you to use and not waste them!

2. Take it easy

When you are starting to run, the most important thing is to be moving (and hence burning calories). Pace and speed does not matter at all and in fact most beginners should start off mainly walking with only sporadic bits of running once you are comfortable with being on your feet for a continuous thirty minutes. If you want to start running, it should be at a pace slightly more than walking speed where you are still able to talk to a friend and not a pace where you are trying to beat an Olympic gold medal time!

3. Be consistent

You need to find an exercise time that works best for you. Your mind and body will become accustomed to your new routine the more you stick at it thus making running regularly part of your new lifestyle.

It is best to exercise early in the morning as you will burn more fat running fasted (with no food in your system) but you should also take it fairly easy for this reason. Another reason morning runs work well is that nothing will derail your plans as most people will still be in bed!

4. Work out three times a week

You should be looking to do three ‘walk runs’ (a mixture of walking and running) spaced evenly throughout the week. It is equally important that you have days where you can rest and recover because your body also needs time to adapt to your new routine, especially if you haven’t exercised regularly before.

However if you exercise less than three times a week, your body will not have enough physical stimulus to force the changes you desire so having the discipline to exercise regularly is key to success.

5. Enjoy the process

While running might be new to you, it shouldn’t be torturous! You should find a way to make ‘walk runs’ enjoyable for yourself! There are many ways to make to do this such as talking with a friend, enjoying a scenic route through a park, listening to an audiobook or podcast or simply using the time to detach from work and life. After a certain amount of time (and it’s different for each runner), you will also encounter ‘the runner’s high,’ which is an endocannabinoid associated with pleasure!


Make sure you wear a shirt and shorts made of moisture-wicking material when you go running in a humid climate like Malaysia. Never wear anything cotton as this will soak up your sweat and make running very uncomfortable. If you are on the lookout for something comfortable yet fashionable to wear on a run, I would like to recommend one of our stylish TRC t-shirts which can be found here.

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