How To Run Correctly

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With the closure of gyms and sports over the MCO period, many of us have taken up running as an alternate way to stay fit (and sane!) over the last several months. However many people run without thinking too much about technique, but did you know that there are several key features about running properly?

Remember the 5 steps to check if you are running correctly!

Running tall means engaging your core and keeping your back straight so you don’t slouch or drop your head. This will allow you to optimize your lung capacity and stride length.

Your feet should make contact with the ground under your hips. Not only does this evenly distribute the shock of impact, it allows the ground to be used to properly propel the runner forward.

The arms should swing forwards and backwards at your sides and not across your body. Imagine an invisible line down the middle of your chest that your arms should never cross. This can help to prevent side stitches and abdominal cramp.

It is important to keep your head up while running as this prevents the shoulders from dropping and the core from collapsing. Your eyes should be looking at the ground about 10-20 feet (3-6 metres) in front of you and your ears should be aligned with your shoulders.

Your shoulders should be relaxed and forward-facing to allow a relaxed arm swing and proper breathing technique. If your shoulders are too close to your ears because of tension, lightly squeeze the shoulder blades to bring them into the correct position.

JEFF'S TIP: The longer the duration of your run, the harder it will be to maintain good running form. Our bodies will inevitably fatigue, so it is a very useful exercise to check the 5 steps halfway and towards the end of your run, to keep you focused on running as efficiently as possible.

Which of the tips did you find most helpful? Do you have any tips of your own that you would like to share?

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    1. Love your work Derek; a well written piece. I often have to tell myself to relax the shoulders once I hit the pain threshold

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