300m Bursts

Fast sections of 300m, with moving recovery periods. Great for leg speed and cardio.

Warm Up

  • 5 minutes slow-paced jogging
  • 3 Sets of Strides
    • Run 75m (approximate) at a fast pace (about 80% of your sprint speed)
    • Jog back slowly. THIS EQUALS 1 SET
  • Rest for 3 minutes


Main Workout (300M Bursts)

  • Run at a fast pace for 300m
  • Walk for 100m
    • 300m run + 100m walk = 1 REPETITION
    • REPEAT for either 2, 3 or 4 repetitions = 1 SET
  • Take 2 minutes rest after each completed set
    • REPEAT for a total of either 3 or 5 sets


Cool Down

  • 5 minutes slow-paced jogging


Workout Notes

  • This workout should ideally be done on a flat route.
  • Your fast-paced running should feel like approximately 90% of your maximum sprinting speed.
  • The objective of this speed workout is to run at the same pace on every repetition throughout the workout.
  • Be tough! This workout gets harder and harder as your body fatigues.  Try to finish as strongly as you started.


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