30-Second Hills

Sprint work on a hill. This workout builds leg strength and cadence and is a great cardio blast.

Warm Up

  • 5 minutes slow-paced jogging
  • 3 Sets of Strides
    • Run 75m (approximate) at a fast pace (about 80% of your sprint speed)
    • Jog back slowly. THIS EQUALS 1 SET
  • Rest for 3 minutes


Main Workout (30-second Hills)

  • Run fast up the hill for 30 seconds.
  • After 30 seconds, stop, turn and walk 50% of the way back down the hill, then jog slowly down the remaining 50%, back to the starting point.
  • REPEAT continuously for a total of either 10/20/25/30 minutes.


Cool Down

  • 5 minutes slow-paced jogging


Workout Notes

  • Choose a hill of a medium steepness (not too steep and not too shallow!)
  • Your pace on the uphill segments should feel like you are running as fast as you can!
  • Do not walk on the uphill section under any circumstances!
  • You should be out of breath at the top of each hill repetition. If you are not breathing very hard, then you are not pushing hard enough!
  • The downhill segment is your recovery time, which allows your heart rate to lower so that you can push hard again on the next uphill repetition. Don’t go too fast on the downhill section.
  • Be tough! Hills are hard, but they really make a difference to your strength and fitness.


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