19 protein-rich vegetarian and vegan foods for runners

Going meat-free for Veganuary? Here are the best meat-free foods to boost your protein intake if you hate protein shakes. Whether you’ve embraced the Veganuary challenge and gone animal-product free for the month, or are just embracing a more plant-based, vegetarian diet, then you might find yourself running short of ideas for satisfying, protein-rich meals. […]

How Your Diet Can Help Reduce Inflammation And Aid Recovery

You go out for a long run or a hard workout, and the next day that familiar soreness creeps into your muscles. In many ways, it’s a sign of a job well done – your training session produced microtears in your muscles, leading to natural inflammation. Given proper rest and nutrition, those tears will heal […]

Is toast or porridge better for runners?

Sports dietician Renee McGregor answers one of life’s eternal questions… I asked my Instagram followers what their preference was for breakfast before a run – toast or bagels, or porridge. I wasn’t sure what the response would be – I know porridge is often heralded as the breakfast of choice for those who are physically […]

What are electrolytes and how can they help you run better?

You sweat out essential minerals from your body when you exercise. Here’s how to look after your hydration and electrolyte levels to perform better Hydration is crucial to running success – but it’s something a lot of people neglect. Just a 2% loss in body weight due to dehydration can impair exercise performance, and it’s […]

Should you drink coffee before you run?

Yes, there are some health benefits to your morning cup of coffee. 1. It can make you run faster Two to three cups of a robust brew can reduce levels of perceived exertion in athletes and increase endurance performance by an average of 24 per cent, giving you an extra push when you need it, […]

5 Micronutrient Deficiencies to Look for in Athletes

Even if your athletes seem to be eating well, they may still not be getting everything they need. Here are five common micronutrient deficiencies that can affect athletes, and how to spot them. Nutrition coaching for endurance athletes often centers on obsessing about the intake of the macros – protein, carbs and fat. Perhaps it […]

9 Dehydration Symptoms That Aren’t Thirst

In a perfect world, we’d all remember to drink the right amount of water every single day, but let’s face it: most people don’t include “drink water” on their to-do lists. When you fail to drink enough to replenish the fluids lost through urination, sweating, and even breathing, you begin to enter a state of […]

Should You Run Fasted?

‘Fasted training’ is a term that has been in most runners’ vocabularies for several years now. But how many of us fully understand the term and its specific purpose? For some runners, fasted training is a matter of convenience. They want to train first thing, and it’s too early to eat anything before going for […]

Do’s and Don’ts of Staying Hydrated for Running

Staying hydrated is important but it is even more vital for runners! Water helps to regulate our body temperature in the Malaysian heat (and humidity) as we lose up to 3% of our body weight through sweating! Runners affected by dehydration may feel tired, get headaches and muscle cramps, have an increased heart rate as […]

Lifestyle Tips to Lose Weight

In this article, we will cover lifestyle tips that you should consider adopting to help you with your goal. Losing weight can be hard, but with these simple tips we hope that your journey will be a little easier.   1. Eat a healthy breakfast. By eating your first meal early in the day, you […]