Group Running cLASSES

Outdoor training sessions led by our amazing Coaching team.

Schedules subject to current local MCO regulations.


Improve your technique


18.00PM – 19.00PM

Lake Gardens

Learn new run workouts


07.30AM – 08.30AM

Lake Gardens

Train in a motivated group


07.15AM – 08.15AM

LHDN tax office, off Jalan Duta

Coming Soon

Coming Soon!

 Kids Running and Fitness Classes

  • Get your technique looked at by an experienced coach.
  • Add variety to your training by doing structured running workouts in a fun and motivated group environment.
  • Follow a structured warm up and cool down.
  • Push yourself out of your comfort zone.  All abilities are welcome.
Workout Type
Fartlek Training Periods of fast running, mixed with periods of walk or jog recovery
Sprint Training Fast and intense running, mixed with periods of rest or jog recovery
Time Trial Continuous timed run over a measured route
Interval Training Timed repetitions of fast running, mixed with periods of rest
Hill Training Periods of fast running on a hill, mixed with periods of walk or jog recovery
Run & Strength Training Combination of steady-paced running and strength exercises

     By coming regularly to our classes, we’ll help you improve your:

  • Running technique (including cadence and stride)
  • Speed and endurance
  • Fitness and strength
  • Mental resilience and training intensity
  • Wear suitable running apparel and shoes
  • Bring water and a small towel (sweat guaranteed!)

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